Sunday, February 11, 2007

CMM for the Judiciary

Capability maturity model was developed by Carnege mellon University and is a powerfull method to measure and imporve the effiency and also porvides the tools to measure the quality of the products as well

It defines five levels of organisations

Level 1 : Herioc
Level 2 : Planned
Level 3 : Defined
Level 4 : Measured
Level 5 : Optimised.

If Indian judiciary were to go for Level 5 Following needs to be done

Level 2 activities - planned
Every Cases would have a schedule of dates proveided and variance of effort V/s Shedule would be calcualted . This would altealest let us know what are the realistic dates for finishing off a cases as per the judicial system

Level 3 : Defined
Well Defined CPC and CRPC already exists , Well defined laws actually exists

Level 4 : Measured
Some of the metrics would be usefull are the following
1. Schedule Variance
a. variance against estimated
b. Variance against expectations ( eg : family court cases have to be finished in 6 months)
2. Effort Variance
Actuall no. of Dates vs planned no of dates
3. Effort leakage
Productive Dates Vs Dates on which next date is given

Witness Efficiency
1. Witness Renegade rate :
Dates of witness not available / Dates on which witness called
2. Witness Processing efficiency :
Dates on which no wintess recorded / # dates witness came on board

Turn around time ( disputing parties) :
days taken to decide all the disputes between parties
Turn aorund time ( Cases / category ) :
days taken to decide a perticular case
Requirement Stability index :
# interim applications per case
Median turn around time :
# taken to decide the 50th percentile
90% turn aournd time
# days taken to decide 90%
esource utilisation :
# hearing hours / total hours on bench
Litgants satisfication Index :
Sample Anonymous surveys

relapse rate :
#Rate of non compliance of orders / # orders :
Aging analysis
% cases by years lapsed
Note : if a perticular type of cases have high volume of relapse rate it implies that normal orders are probably not in consonence with the social expectations

Phase containment
Cases dismissed without trial / cases decided
Level 5 activities
# administrative improvements by use of technologies

I would like to see a day when the supreme court will publish these daily metrics on the website so that ordinary citizens can participate and improve on the efficiency .I would also like to see an electronic dashboard with all these metrics . It is no use to talk of just dsiposal rates

After all "justice delayed is justice denied".
Giving a person divorce on the basis of false allageation after 17 years. What would have been usefull for a person in his 30s since the person could have remarried is no longer usefull for the person in 50s since what will he do with remarriage