Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Supreme Court is Right in Appasahebs case

http://timesofindia .indiatimes. com/NEWS/ India/SC_ dowry_ruling_ Reality_not_ taken_into_ account/articles how/1187453. cms

Dhanajay Mahapatra wrongly castigates the Supreme Courts for not understanding the reality .However It must be looked at that this is a poor farmer. When faced with a financial hardships very few options are left . The farmer has to take care of his family which includes his wife . He needs manure to till his farm . He does not have money . What are the options left

One of the options left is to commit suicide . This is an option which is being exercised in alarge number when their families are unable to adjust to the diminished lifestyle the farmer would provide . A surprising reality is that though poverty should have affected both men and women equally and we should see the sucide rate at the same rate but still only male married farmers are commiting sucide . This is reflection of the stress whcih is caused by their family memebrs who cannot adjust to this reality

Another option is to sell ones organs . There are many rackets which have come to light regarding organ trade .

Dhanajay would probably have this farmer choose these two options because men are not supposed to have life force and are supposed to be only a toil animal or kolhu ke bail .

If the reality of farmer asking money for manure is bad , criminal . Then almost every women should be treated as criminal becuase they ask their husband for money for wheat , rice etc & note the sucide of married farmers is many fold higher then wifes of farmer.

I do not have the heart to call this farmer a criminal. He had love for life did not probably want to sell his organs and who can blame him for that .

It is Dhananjay Patra who does not undestand the social reality and the poverty which exists .

Supreme Court has understood the far better social reality of poverty.

Otherwise every women who asks for money from husbands will have to be treated as dowry harasser . because demanding money by either wife and husband is crime under section 2 of dowry prohibition act.

On technical point manure is not property or valuable security so Supreme court is correct . It is a necessity for a farmer .


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Same problem facing many Indian farmer, because of financial problem they commit suicide and the number of suicide among farmer are increasing day by day but government just neglect and avoid this issue.

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