Sunday, December 31, 2006

The tumoultoux year 2006

The heralding of the year 2006 saw something in the January it was astonishing. The sif site statistics showed a jump of 100% in the month of january a feat that was to be repeated in the month of november again. For the whole year we did not see a single month with a dip of vistors at all.

?The year started with 7000 vists amonth . and ended with over 150000 vists a month a 20 times in asingle year.

the year started quitely enouhg with natural oragnic albiet schorching growth . It started quitely with SIFs persuation and courting at the descicritics news site. a few articles a few debates and Sif made friends in the pwoerfull friends in the intellctual coomunity of the bloggers.

SIf grw from a 30 blogger to a strength of 100 bloggers intheyar 2006. while the script of the SFI was being written and growing in the blogworld in the early part of 2006.

March - July was a time of fiernce debates where ini we were forced to evaluate certain of our assumptions yet whatever self doubts we had at any points vanished with this tremendous churning intellect and we can believe that for all the posturing in comments there was a tremendous understanding. It also established SIF as serious independent thinker of their own right and alo gave a voice to people that gender relationshipp should not necessarily be looked at from the jaundiced feminists viewpoint.

July 31st heralded the arrival yet it was a baby step with SIf members victimisations was highlighted in Media. First of the block were Bharati , Raj and gokul in Z news . It was followed immediately on August 1 and 2 of the two days front page appearance of Pandu Ram .

Judiciary after two years finally took cognisance of the fact that threatening to kill an unborn child for money is a criminal offense in the month of august when they summoned sushmita bag for the same .

The media awoke from it slumber and there were a slew of articles on the same. It vecomes difficult to even recount. Personally I gave 7 interviews of which 6 were shown or published only AAj Tak held back .

The things started calmind down untill Renuka chowdhary gave us our Diwali Gift and made the now infamous statement " Men to suffer " showing the true colours. Some research by SIF also showed that renuka's daughter Poojitha had filed a dowry case against her UK based Husband. Whether true or false one doesn't know. But it is clear that all the women in NCW are either divorcees or had some kind of experinces which they classify as bad.

This gave a chance for SIF to jump in the fray .

CNN IBN swarup literally walked into the women organisations lair and argued against 3 feminists flavia agnes , Sagarika ghosh and one unnamed person who claims to be a victim .

folled up with India today , Times of India , Hindustan times , Indian Express all of whom gave to our surprise a resonable balanced coverge. Menwhile on October 30th the first dometic violence case was filed and it was found to be a false case and this was the case of Azim premji ,Gaurav Nigam and Tripti . Tripti based her case on a false premise based on false facts . Judiciary has been surprisingly gracious enough in not charging her for misuing the judiciairy.
Save Indian family provided full moral support to gaurav and encouraged him to to speak to the media through a press confernce . Tripti who till then was like a lioness urging and forciing the media to show her story suddenly found that she needed to consult a lawyer and comes with a weak statment that she loves her husband. Suddenly she finds love for her husband after ranting about him in the media ?

NCW was shown to be badly out of touch with reality and changed social conditions as they blundered through the adultery issue.

Finally ponds provided a befitting year end gift by withdrawing their ads respecting our sentiment and recognising that their ads could act as provocation to file false domestic violence case .


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