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Time to wean away women from economic crutches

for centuries untill the mid twentieth centuries women were not granted permission to engage inthe economic activities and take care of that . They were made to be an economic burden on some male . The dowry system was prevalent in many sections of the socitey and country with the recognistion that it was unfair to place the entire burden of economic wellbeing be placed on the husband and was a response to this recognised unfairness.

As the twentieth century progressed the hurdles towards women participating in the economnic activity strated reducing and by the 21st century the hurdles have more or less dissolved in most sections of Indian society . Strictly speaking now with independent access to economic activity the women no longer need to be dependent on the husband education

However it is being seen in court that women still treat themselves as "Abla Naari " needing financial assitence from some male mostly her husband. Given the current social scenario now it becomes imperitive that women be weaned away from this dependency on income earned by husbands sweat. There is no longer any need for demand financial assitence from husbands to run their lifestyle .

The hindu marriage act also clearly staes that when a women has access to independent income then she is not entiteled to financial assitence in form of maintianenece or alimony .

Unfortunately financially independent women are still misuing the maintenence laws ( CRPC 125 ) and the section 24 of HMA to demand high money to gain financial assistence. These unscrouplous women even go to the extent of leaving their jobs just for getting hte women from their hubands in a vicious scorched earth policy . Many such cases have come to our attention .

Many women refuse to work inpite of thier husbands encouragement using the sixteenth century logfic that they should be dependent on their husbands.

Many questions asked of Raj Kaushal the marital Counseller from Save Indian family of India TV were of the nature of women not feeling comfertable about going back to work though there husbands wanted them to . After birth of the child they had become more confertable with doinig minor household work with mother in law as unpaid servant .

It is to be understood that it is not as if men feel very happy or comfertable in work environmetn but they do what they have got to do . similarly with the barriers towards economic activity removed it has beocme time that women who misuse the maintenance laws and want to hide their lazyness under the logic of "able Naari" be no loinger entertained .

The scope and canvas of opportunities to run their lifestyle is vast .

Let the men and women live and run the life style to which they are capable of and in the form they want without having to support anothers lifestyle.

Yes 21st century is about taking responsibility of for ones well being .

I can feel nothing but contempt for those families who deliberately did not educate their daughters to be economically capable based on her capacbilties and then want some other male to support for their own wrongdoings

The society has changed . LEt not people who have committed wrong doing of not educating or making their daughters capable go scot free from their own wrongdoing .


Blogger Jinesh Zaveri said...

only yesterday one 75 yr old uncle called me on helpline. he was sobbing and said his DIL is not contributing in any household work his wife has to do it and the rest is done by the servants.

and above all, she has filed maintainance case in spite of staying in the same house with allegations that they do not feed her.

he said she is an amazon of 96 Kgs. and her 11 yr daughter is just 10 yrs old but weighs 64kgs and has also being thaught to say that she is not being fed.

they say this in the court. where as she was a working women in well paid pvt company once.

another caller said one senior bandra court lawyer was heard saying that out of 400 cases 300 are not at all genuine in maintainance proceedings.

pure desh ko abla naari ke naam se ullu bana rahey hai. and the real naari never gets justice.

3:39 AM  
Blogger Apun Ka Desh said...

Well Said...

12:17 AM  
Blogger Swarup said...

They have to stop looking thier partner as a "Free ATM Machine."
Let the working women start marry the un empolyed men..
Hope they are not abala .. now if thier parent do not agree.. they should send thier parents behind the bar .. not the husabnds family.
For more read here , do not divert your parents mistake to your husabnds family .

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wht is wrong if woman decides not to work? its her choice to work or not. do u even realize what takes to look after a child ? u think doing house hold work is minor. try this for few months. wake up in the morning make breakfast and lunnch. feed the kids see wht all needs to be acked for work, go to owrk work there come abck hoem and themn try making dinner, cleaning and over the week ends washing clothes and cleaning teh house and then tel i f its minor work. iam not sure in which world u are from but in thsi world women have mroe responsiblitioes tahn men. pay bills drop kids to school take care of tehir home work teach them things. did u just drop down from space without being taught or nurtured ? men cannot take up so much responsiblity even for montsh and women do for years. wht si wrong if she decides to devote tiem ta home ? do u stay in neat and clean house ors oem shabby one? do u eta out or get hoem made food . think befor eu talk Mr

8:49 AM  
Blogger workhard said...

I agree with you when u say that despite being married women should be independent..

They should not be a burden on their husbands..

Times have changed and its time we pull ourselves out of those traditional thoughts..

A very good issue addressed here..

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10:03 AM  

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