Saturday, November 18, 2006

Teenage girls gets highest ever marks for SIF particapated Project Assignment

"498a Sociology Project" initiated by SIF in Mumbai has topped in the College where it was presented. This was in Rizvi College Bandra in First Year Mass Communication. This project tops all other projects and secures 70% and has broken previous records as it involved passion of the students they also performed a skit during their presentation. The students led by Sneha Kala, were quite moved during the project when they had attended the mumbai seminar, interviewed some victims and saw the Zee Crime Reporter programme. The Teacher of this subject appreciated by taking the whole team to the canteen after the presentation and had a coffee with this group, this according to them was an achivement in itself. she(the faculty) was so impressed that the marks tell the story. She had initially opposed but the students never gave up. they said it is a project based on their true experiences with victims.
Jinesh the SIF activist who has represented SIF in many forum here says this
" Remarkably the Girls in the group are more sensible to understand this problem as my observation goes so far. The guys remind me of our happy go lucky attitude. but well no discrimination, as a unit they did well".

My support is for 30% reservation for women . Currently the political parties push the women interested in in the women's wings . they start their career in women wings and this causes a lot of emotional and mysandryst baggage . The current crop of women M.P.s all have come through the same lines. With women coming from multiple backgrounds they would have got a real law not this tandav astra law in thename of domestic violence act. they would have questioned and allowed the male M.Ps to have a healthy debate.It would allow the women with love in their hearts to represent the country no the current crop of women who only have a deep rooted hatred for men . As mentioned This law strengthens the hands of hatred filled shurpankha and wrecks vengence on decent kaushalya


Blogger Apun Ka Desh said...

"astra law in thename of domestic violence act"

Well said. Keep Writing!

3:56 AM  
Blogger Jinesh Zaveri said...

30% reservation for sitas, not a bad idea but... again the reality check of the lady with a harmonious family background should be done.

and well if the 30% reservation has the risk of having surpanakhas too in that, then it is better to have NCM = National Commission of Men. that would take care of sitas, urmilas, kaushalyas and sumitra along with dasharath, ram and laxmans too.

otherwise we may run a risk of having kaykay's and manthras (with the new DV act) along with putnas and surpanakhas.

9:10 PM  

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