Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rajesh Hasmukh -Tumhe kisne rulaya

A SIF member from ahmedabad reports
"Rajesh's suicide too points to some doubt Barrista->Meet with wife->suicide( can't digest right away, anyway let kalpesh give us more insights on what he personally thinks, as to what really would have happened)Rajesh Hasmukh Desai was a SIF member since few months. He was livingin Satellite, Ahmedabad. On 29th March 2006, his wife filed 498A afterhaving 10+ marriage life. One daughter during marriage life. Rajesh was a SIF member and also a false 498A group member in Ahmedabad zone.Sunday night at 11 PM, he was with us in Barista coffee shop. Suddenly he have a call and he left Barista and said my wife is coming on myhome. I said call me after completing your wife issue tonight. But Iread today's Gujarat Samachar newspaper and hang up hisself. "

Rajesh you will always be in our hearts .

The culprits have to be brought to justice .
A trial needs to be done allow rajesh to prove/disprove that he suffered domestic violence . It is now our legal system on trial . Will they bring to justice the culprits ?


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