Sunday, November 26, 2006

Breaking News: Azim Premji in another DV case

This post is my imagination and Can't I have more fertile imagination then women.
The National Coalition of wipro wives ( NCWW ) lead by shurpankha chaudary have filed multiple DV complaints against Azim premji claiming that their husbands are not taking them out to dates becuase Azim premji did not provide them with the Dating allowance. hence they feel mentally and phyisically harassed.

Azim premji however denied the allegation that there is no dating allowance in Wipro .As evidence he said that a perticular lawyer called Nandalal Jaiswal has all the evidence that wipro gives dating allowance .

To provide succour to the beleagured CEO a lady called Tripti Nigam has clarified that Wipro provides dating allowance .

SIFF lead by Laxman have suddenly relaised that obviously no women could lie . but then 70% of the wifes are beaten every year through some media reports . But then UN study shows only 0.56 % are beaten. The answer lies in Azim premji who visit 69.44% of the household every year and beats up the wifes and have praised Tripti for showing them the way and have started calling her as Kalki avtar . Azim Premji has confessed to using dating allowance as weapon of torchure for his intent

Narayan Murthy meanwhile is upset becuase he uses the dating site as his weopon of torchure .

When a wife keeps throwing boiling rasam at a husbands face and refuses to stop verbally abusing him ( sorry nagging , I forgot wives do not abuse ) the husbands. Chup ho jaa warna Azim Premji.

Meanwhile Justice Sema and Justice Arijit Pasayat who coined the term " legal terrorism" having seen so many false complaint which in Court have finally declared that they are Gopies of IG Radha. IG radha's wife however claims that both the justices have computer at home.


Blogger CruiserDeep said...

Azim Premji, Dating allowance dega tho problem, nahin dega tho problem)if dating allowance is given, its a problem, if its not given, then also its a problem!).... hey bhagwan, aise athyachaari naari kyon banaya thum ne,.......... why did u curse the earth with women this crooked!.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of you must have read in the press that Wipro chief Aziz Premji got sued in the latest spate of 498A cases

A female filed a 498A on her husband [who was employed by WIPRO] and named Wipro Chief in her complaint alleging WIPRO broke her family !!!

Premji has denied that any dating allowance is ever paid by Wipro

Now the story seems to be a bIT different when narrated by the husband !!

Was Wipro staffer beaten by wife?

I was beaten by my wife: Wipro man


An ICON figure, a start performer in the Indian software Industry and Indian who made India Proud around the globe, has been sullied by an irate wife !!

Is this where India is heading to ?

Is this the geneder equality we are all waiting for ?

498A is ONE OF THE MOST MISUSED sections of Law

Why are we NOT SCRAPPING THIS LAW TOTALLY from the Law books ?

What will the developed world think of us ?

Is this Democracy or is it YOUNG WIVES GONE CRAZY ??


8:54 AM  
Blogger Jinesh Zaveri said...

It seems tempramental differences led to false charges of dating allowances that never existed.

It is generally seen that an Ambitious Fiction Teller (so called victim) when meets a an ambitious Fiction Writer (lawyer) together they exploit the loop holes of one sided gender biased laws to extract money from an innocent guy next door in the names of mental cruelty sections in IPC which are one sided. where as the reasons of break up are something else. this needs to be totally discouraged.

these people should rather make money by a joint venture in story writing. at least it won't break the families and would not exploit the legal facilities.

Gaurav Nigam followed the advise of Renuka Choudhury who said if guys have problem and are victims they should speak up.

9:04 AM  
Blogger Apun Ka Desh said...

Does a petrol or a vehicle running allowance automatically mean that you are going to run amock and cause accidents on the road!

These a populist laws, meant to garner votes. With the kind of police force we have, and hungry lawyers around - you can very well imagine.

1:04 PM  
Blogger Swarup said...

Tripti Break the marrige , by sending his mother behind the bar in false 498a case and put all the balme to Premji for breaking her family.

Wonder , the women can lie so nicely and no one can tell them , that she is wrong.
Liers and those wives sending your mother behind the bar ..( by doing the legal terroism 498a ), but media does not want to show that .
But thanks to ZEE News team to show the gaurave's View and Gourave's Guts to Bangalore Press conference to expose the truth.
Gaurave and Prmji , fight for Justice , we are with you.

10:01 PM  
Blogger workhard said...

Its not about women lying, its about women being mentally and emotionally supressed..

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10:12 AM  
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