Sunday, November 26, 2006

Breaking News: Azim Premji in another DV case

This post is my imagination and Can't I have more fertile imagination then women.
The National Coalition of wipro wives ( NCWW ) lead by shurpankha chaudary have filed multiple DV complaints against Azim premji claiming that their husbands are not taking them out to dates becuase Azim premji did not provide them with the Dating allowance. hence they feel mentally and phyisically harassed.

Azim premji however denied the allegation that there is no dating allowance in Wipro .As evidence he said that a perticular lawyer called Nandalal Jaiswal has all the evidence that wipro gives dating allowance .

To provide succour to the beleagured CEO a lady called Tripti Nigam has clarified that Wipro provides dating allowance .

SIFF lead by Laxman have suddenly relaised that obviously no women could lie . but then 70% of the wifes are beaten every year through some media reports . But then UN study shows only 0.56 % are beaten. The answer lies in Azim premji who visit 69.44% of the household every year and beats up the wifes and have praised Tripti for showing them the way and have started calling her as Kalki avtar . Azim Premji has confessed to using dating allowance as weapon of torchure for his intent

Narayan Murthy meanwhile is upset becuase he uses the dating site as his weopon of torchure .

When a wife keeps throwing boiling rasam at a husbands face and refuses to stop verbally abusing him ( sorry nagging , I forgot wives do not abuse ) the husbands. Chup ho jaa warna Azim Premji.

Meanwhile Justice Sema and Justice Arijit Pasayat who coined the term " legal terrorism" having seen so many false complaint which in Court have finally declared that they are Gopies of IG Radha. IG radha's wife however claims that both the justices have computer at home.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rajesh Hasmukh -Tumhe kisne rulaya

A SIF member from ahmedabad reports
"Rajesh's suicide too points to some doubt Barrista->Meet with wife->suicide( can't digest right away, anyway let kalpesh give us more insights on what he personally thinks, as to what really would have happened)Rajesh Hasmukh Desai was a SIF member since few months. He was livingin Satellite, Ahmedabad. On 29th March 2006, his wife filed 498A afterhaving 10+ marriage life. One daughter during marriage life. Rajesh was a SIF member and also a false 498A group member in Ahmedabad zone.Sunday night at 11 PM, he was with us in Barista coffee shop. Suddenly he have a call and he left Barista and said my wife is coming on myhome. I said call me after completing your wife issue tonight. But Iread today's Gujarat Samachar newspaper and hang up hisself. "

Rajesh you will always be in our hearts .

The culprits have to be brought to justice .
A trial needs to be done allow rajesh to prove/disprove that he suffered domestic violence . It is now our legal system on trial . Will they bring to justice the culprits ?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Teenage girls gets highest ever marks for SIF particapated Project Assignment

"498a Sociology Project" initiated by SIF in Mumbai has topped in the College where it was presented. This was in Rizvi College Bandra in First Year Mass Communication. This project tops all other projects and secures 70% and has broken previous records as it involved passion of the students they also performed a skit during their presentation. The students led by Sneha Kala, were quite moved during the project when they had attended the mumbai seminar, interviewed some victims and saw the Zee Crime Reporter programme. The Teacher of this subject appreciated by taking the whole team to the canteen after the presentation and had a coffee with this group, this according to them was an achivement in itself. she(the faculty) was so impressed that the marks tell the story. She had initially opposed but the students never gave up. they said it is a project based on their true experiences with victims.
Jinesh the SIF activist who has represented SIF in many forum here says this
" Remarkably the Girls in the group are more sensible to understand this problem as my observation goes so far. The guys remind me of our happy go lucky attitude. but well no discrimination, as a unit they did well".

My support is for 30% reservation for women . Currently the political parties push the women interested in in the women's wings . they start their career in women wings and this causes a lot of emotional and mysandryst baggage . The current crop of women M.P.s all have come through the same lines. With women coming from multiple backgrounds they would have got a real law not this tandav astra law in thename of domestic violence act. they would have questioned and allowed the male M.Ps to have a healthy debate.It would allow the women with love in their hearts to represent the country no the current crop of women who only have a deep rooted hatred for men . As mentioned This law strengthens the hands of hatred filled shurpankha and wrecks vengence on decent kaushalya

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Opionion poll on domestic violence Times of India : 87% say innocent men may suffer

There is simply too much of physical evidence of misue of dowry and 498a laws by women . This law is even more abusive and allow easy abuse of an incovenient husband with lot more illgotton gain in the bargain.

Shurpankha's who do not stop anything for reaching their ilgotton and unethical and wrong gains have been provided with a stronger shiva's tandav astra now in addition to 498a brahmasastra

That misuse is evident and visible part of the society is witnessed in the times online poll
http://timesofindia .indiatimes. com/vote. cms
Opinion Poll ResultsThe Domestic Violence Act will empower women.
Yes, there is hope at last 10%
Most cases are never reported 3%
Innocent men may suffer 87%