Saturday, October 14, 2006

economic parasitism of one gender

Its official the one gender organisations want to take wring men in cleaners.

There has been a lot of demands from the womens organisation for enhancing the lifestyle of one gender through other gender' effort effort.It is promoting economic parasitism or in other words Sowry harassment .

It is but common sense that when the freedon is provided to work every person should work towards supporting their own lifestyle. However the observation have lead to conclusion that organisations supporting one gender seems to be making a lot of noise about enhancing the lifestyle in the 21st century using the 16th century model .

Supporting the lifestyle of one gender in the 16th century by another gender seemed to make sense in the social framework given that the supported gender was not allowed to earn their lively hood.

Given the 21st century nature of society where in no gender is barred from earn their lifestyle this kind of need to harass one gender for money is coming as big surprise.

Survey conducted by SIF NGOs found that one Gender is cornering all the lifestyle enhancing benfits . In the city of bangalore only one gender recieved support for enhancong lifestyle beyond their capability from another gender and even doctors and engineer of a perticular gender recived support. The ohter gender even if they were secuirty guard , driver or plumber received no financial support from other gender.

In many cases one gender was forced to live at 70% fo their capability and supporting another gender with upto 30% of their income.

Also only one gender was intimidating other gender through false and unjustified criminal cases. Only one gender it seems was reciving money for their crime . The crime of harassing other gender through legal terrorism .

So tt is not supriising that economic parasitism of one gender is increasing and the abuse of the justice system is happening because one gender has been given a wholesale free licence to abuse another gender and wring them in the cleaners.

The one gender even though 5 years younger in many time still wants the support to enhabce lifestyle instead of wating for 5 years to earn it.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Famous persons in 498a Decent folks we have to support

Manoj Prabhakar
It is absurd to believe that after 16 years a dowry can be an issue in marriage . Also in contravence of normally seen the son is with Manoj . Does the son know something about his mother that is why preferred to stay away. Inpite of the fact that fathers are away working and hence seldom gets chance for close bonding with children

I.G. Radha
Suffered mental trauma and harassment to such an extent that he started beliveing in being an avtar of radha . A 55 year old IG requires support.It was seen on TV that his nose was bleeding after his wife tried to pull his nosering out. (Physical torture anyone )

Naveen Nischal
Wife commits suicide because of his refusal to give in to her illogical and illegal demands that he give the flat bought by his effort and in his brothers name to her . It was well after 2 years of separation . Tomorrow for every student who commits sucide we might as well jail the examination board members . Why shouldn't he get that same sympathy Rekha got after her husbands suicide.

Ambati Family
Ambati family produced a cassete of their daughter in law demanding 500000 in court. In Aitraaz we saw trhat the judge suggested that Akshaya kumar had the right to file for defamation. Should same have been done here ?

& Finally Justice Kapadia yes the one who faced the question in columbia on misuse of section 498a also came out on the open that 498a is being misused to harass the husband and their family . Follow the foot steps of Arijit pasayat and Sema

But Sir , lordship , Your honour it is not enpough to say it is important for us to see something positive on ground . My suggestion

1. Dismiss false cases pronto
2. Take Suo moto cognisance of some of the false cases.
3. Set precendences on discharging or quashing of these cases.
4. Set up saturday discharge melas to stop these cases
5. Set up emergency counters on holidays to hear bail applications so that friday arrests are avoided

Be bold sirs do not worry abot womens organisations breaking your chairs or tables . After all you have taken the oath of implementing justice irerespective of gender.

Open the courts in saturdays and Sundays for family courts .Take leave on tuesdays and wednesdays instead

and give priority here to outstation witnesses on saturdays and sundays.

When you can ask Doctors to be avl 24 hrs on emergency basis why can;t court stay open on staurdays and sundays after all it is the question of life and liberty of an individual