Sunday, May 28, 2006

Save Brand India

Save Brand India
Save Brand India is about the protection of hardworking and decent people and rewarding talent and hardwork.We need to look at Individual justice. Induvidual justice should be our mantra.
Merely becuase 50 years back there were some attrociaties is no reason to deny opportunity that person who is currrently most suitable to do that profession. If we need best 5 miilion IT professional. Then the best 5 millions shall get. In this country there has to be right to the work for which you are best suited to.
Right for the justice system to take only into account inidividual systems irrespective of gender , Caste , creed etc.this is guaranteed by the constituion not by law or by government Just as Every one us welcomes the step that priests to be made priests on merit irrespective of caste.
I also welcome the this innovation of Save Brand India to ensure that the best available are choosen .
India shining hapened as result of tireless effort of many of our young in 1990's( now middle aged ) who proved the caapbability of Indian talent. Now the current hardworking lot to take India to the next level.
An It has happened inspite of Goverment not becuaseof government.
Probably after 50 years the time has come to start rolling back the quantum of reservation in every field . 2% every year starting next year .

Its our fault also . If we can get 4000-5000 folks to pretest in rally why cant we get a paritrana corporator in next Banglaore Elections. ?????????????

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

SIF , Lady Judge and the suicide note

I saw the crime story a lady judge has been accused of driving her daughter in law to suicide. There was complaint put by the said daughter in law to the police and later it was B reported by teh police with both parties agreeing. 6 months later the daughter in law commits sucide with a suicide letter which acts like a bomb against this lady judge. Its a veritable suicide bombing .

Flash back 3 years back

SIF member is being asked by the same lady jugde to compromise and start living like husband and wife . After all she is your wife .No women wants to harm her husband and inlaws. SIF ( it was not in existence then though the member was ) member retorted " Madam in case god forbid if you face the same situation do not follow your own advice . Its my advice once a girl goes to police station then she has declared her intention to harm what will happen if she commits suicide with intention to harm me by creating a letter bomb? I value my liberty and dignity and I will not take her back becuase if she does some harm to herseof it will come back to me in a much more horrific form "

Cut to the Present

The lady judge followed her own advice not SIF and paid the price. She is frantically trying to save her liberty worrying if this judge is anyways against her etc.She should not have compromised at the police station and allowed the case to go on . Its heavy price to pay for not following SIF advice.

She is being shunned by women achiavers guild which she helped built and her women organisation friends now .

This is a warning to the judges . Remember you also have nephews & sons. You never know the next innocent could be YOU though yea be a judge !