Saturday, April 08, 2006

President of Indian Acknowledges the SIF

Heart Felt Thank President Abdul Kalam .

You came to bangalore on 1st week of April 2006.

A question was asked to you by a lady law student . There are lot of innocent people who are being harassed and victimised under the Dowry and 498a laws . what is being done about it .

President said thare are lot of harassed husbands on the internet.It is the responsibility of the other people in the panellist ( judiciary ) to ensure no harassment happens. After the Supreme court which called misuse of these laws as legal terrorism and asked legal system to take care no harassment occurs it was the turn of the president to imply the same .

President cannot be unaware of such things after all he also faced a downright ridiculous arrest warrant against him a few years back similar to what many harassed husbands have faced. President we are co victims of misuse of law and processess and as a person in power you can do something.

Thanks president for not saying you have no awareness of the harassment and misuse.
Inspite of being bachelor and free from such harassment you have shown great empathy. Your one acknowledgment of our pain and not trying to brush it under carpet does wonders for our morale.

You will see more follow up questions on this line in your town hall meetings . After all the presence of SIF in the ground is only beginning.

Together we should should built a society which is free of mysandry and of course mysogyny