Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Could this Girl Child have been saved

I got a mail from Sachit regarding the murder of his unborn daughter. He tried all to save his daughter from the fate " female Foeticide" . He went to the police asking them to protect his dauighter from being aborted quite in advance before it happened becasue he was made strongly aware of his in-laws plans. I wish some action had been taken by auithorities.
But in one hand to rail against and sing " mera yaar mujhe mila de " and not allow decent fathers to protect their duaghters from being murdered oncee agains exposes the chink of not allowing men to save the inidan daughters.
My heart grieves for the tragedy suffered by Sachit. My helpline I receive many grieving fathers who have lost their children including daughters and are made helpless in saving them

Save Indian child

For those of you who want to save the Indian child male and female fron being mindless deprived of parents and mindlessly murdered ( aborted ) join the Saveindianchild group