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NCW against the saving indian family and marriages

ERcent new clip that NCW has proposed removal of the restituation of conjugal rights from the law section clearly demonstartes that NCW is more interested in acting against indian families and indian marriages. The RCR is an attenpt to save the Indian families. Sponsoring laws which would lead to arrest of elderly folks , innocent women and children and innocent and decent productive men without need of evidence shows the true colours that NCW is really against the Indian families. The RCR is only a civil law whcih does not imprison innocent.My question to NCW how many innocent women hae been imprisoned under the RCR law ?


Blogger Swarup said...

Basically NCW and thier sister orginasation want to kill the institution of marriage system in india .

Through RCR a lot of family had been saved their marriage , which NCW does not want . NCW want a husabnd should file divorce insted of RCR , so that the chances of a positive reconcilation of any family dispute should not happen.

They want more and more family brek up to fulfill thier activity of legal terrorism .

We wonder our LAW maker are really concenr for commom people !!!

9:26 PM  
Blogger 498A_Victim said...

No its one more money making idea;

After 498a; if man file for RCR and if she cann`t come back; man can fight against her demand of Alimony; coz he filed RCR.

NCW want man should proceed with Divorce only so she can demand Alimony, saying he demanded Divorce.


1:20 AM  
Blogger Jinesh Zaveri said...

In either case with or without RCR the looser is the Innocent Indian Family.

1:44 AM  
Blogger gopelalwani said...

Basically the Divorce Laws must
be simplified in view of the changing world, to suite the modern society.

Why to continue with century old
family Laws drafted by British?

Why Restitution of congjugal Rights?

Why make two unwilling persons
particularlly sworn enemies live
together under the force of Law?

This should be as simple as TALAQUE
in Islamic World.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This exposes the NCW one more time. How down an organisation can fall on the name of woman liberalisation and empowerment.

Everyone understnds that RCR is a civil matter and no one is ever imprisoned for failing to comply with RCR decree. But even on that NCW can't stop poking their nose into. In fact RCR clearly says that "if any party has withdrawn from society of other without reasonable cause", but women are afraid to come forward and justify their cause.
Shame on feminism, on NCW. Sooner or later NCW is destined to get the taste of their medicine as their ulterior motive is not hidden from public. The problem is that We indians are forgiving and always hopeful...but never forgetful...history is evident of fall of empires and heroes.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Swarup said...

Sub: "Beti Bachaao" (Save Daughter) - Saturday Evening Party at India Gate- New Delhi

Sub: "Beti Bachaao" (Save Daughter) - Saturday Evening Party at India Gate- New Delhi

Sachit , 30 years old , a brilliant Software Consultant, BE, till date who is struggling to register an FIR or any Small Investigation by Local Police officials , how his wife and her Parents had killed his Daughter , send the below mail to me :-

"This is regarding The 'Beti Bachaao' Programme, organised at India Gate NewDelhi, on 04-03-2006 evening.
Mrs. Sheila Dixit was also present there includingaround 4000 women. Today (05-03-2006) I watched (a news) at a reputed TV news Channel regarding“Women’s Day” function at India Gate, New Delhi.
According to the news : There were over 4000 (Over Four Thousand) womenpresent (including Mrs. Sheela Dixit - Hon’ble CM Delhi) at this occasion. Save daughter (Beti Bachaao – slogan of the programme).
Initially, I was really thrilled to hear “Beti Bachaao – slogan” of theprogramme. I was delighted to expect something really relevant to save thedaughters (specially the unborn/newly born daughters).
But to my surprise (even still I can’t believe what I saw on TV)… a couple ofyoung girls are playing the popular hindi film songs (Mera Yaar Mila De Mujhko-Remix - DJ) and dancing there….. I felt ashamed/pity to see the ‘way’ they are trying to save our daughters –By dancing on DJ at India Gate… I wonder how can they save my daughter by organizing ‘Kitty party’ typefunction at India gate in the evening (in addition to that Saturday Evening!!!!).
They also lit some candles (as a mark of hope), organized dance party (as amark of enjoyment), eating samosas (feeling hungry after dance), havingtea/coffee etc…..

Sorry to admit : They can do these activities at their own level every Saturday evening in a pub/club. I want to request them to STOP playing such tunes on the name of SaveDaughters (as I have already lost one)….
I want to request them to please don’t harm the already striken parent (like me) by dancing at India gate on Saturday evening on the name of Save Daughter (Beti Bachaao).

I suggest : Even if out of that 4000 women, every women tries to save onedaughter (Beti) by inspecting the ‘Abortion Centres’ records, they (alltogether) could have saved atleast 40000 (forty thousand) daughters (Betis). Also, I wish my daughter (Beti) were ONE out of that FORTY THOUSAND DAUGHTERS".

This is not the feeling of only Sachit , Lakhs of Sachit all over the India are making round the police station and court room , as thier wives had allready aborted their Daughters , without their any consent , started to raising thier voice in Save Indian Child Yahoo Groups ( SIF Volenters ) .

One hand our so called Women Orginasations are supported by our own hard earned Tax Payer money , are busy for the Dance Show at India Gate , SIF Volenters are busy at the Back Side of India gate ( Patilawal Court Room ) , arguing with Judges , why those Criminal should not be punished who had Killed thier Daughters , before their Born .

We wonder , our NCW have really any concern for Murder of our Daughters !!!!

Otherwise how so many 498A girls and thier family able to kill the child and move freely in our society ??

Can we expect a Special LAW , by which those people Killing our Daughters along with those abortion centers , to be hang till the death under IPC314/315 ??

Let Ban the Child Abortion in India and then prodly say ""Beti Bachaao" (Save Daughter) " instead of making fun /enjoyment at India Gate .

2:53 AM  

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