Monday, February 13, 2006

My letter to MOIA : Moia is welcome to respond

My open letter to MOIA .
MOIA and others are welcome to respond in the comments section.

Sandhya Shukla
Worry that the Pamphlets being planned to be distributed by MOIA under theintense pressure of NCW and Womens organisations could lead to NRI bashing. No doubt there are a few cases where in some girls are troubled by theirhusbands but then the law of the land protects such girls even to the extenst ofallowing them to file cases withot requiring any evidence of the same It is imperitive to warn the young NRIs of the danger of marrying wrong kind of girl who are marrying them for immigration and then proceeding with DOwrycases ( also known as Dowry Immigration fraud by US embassy) . Since in Such cases govt of India has not helped such Hapless NRIs and have unfortunately been made unintentional party to abuse of Decent NRIs and their elderly parents. Neither are there any laws which helps them protect against abuse .So it is more imperitve to warn them becuase Indian govt does not have laws to protect them

US counsulate and canadian counsulte has already placed these warning or NRIS.
Even though they are not citizens. We should do that same for our own young innocent boys to warn them to becarefull of marrying girls and do a thorough background check There are typically 4 resons for these dowry cases being files 1. Hum dil De chuke sanam 2. Adultery 3. SOWRY harassment or ( monetary blackmail) 4. Marriage by fraud ( education , mental health or otherwise) other are irrational competion with their husbands and unnatural controllingneed to cut of husband from his parents affections. Our people shall definitely meet the MOIA represntatives on your June 18th meet we alread of over 200 cases of abuse of NRIS and their elderly parents and shall be soon publishing our findings on various publication forums including through the saveindian family research section Hope we get a reasonable response from MOIA which is responsibile for helpingout overseas Indians including men and elders as well Let us celebrate and help these hardworking NRIs who have played a great rolein giving India a strong image makeover and let us not tarnish their image
Social activist Banglaore
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Sunday, February 05, 2006

NCW against the saving indian family and marriages

ERcent new clip that NCW has proposed removal of the restituation of conjugal rights from the law section clearly demonstartes that NCW is more interested in acting against indian families and indian marriages. The RCR is an attenpt to save the Indian families. Sponsoring laws which would lead to arrest of elderly folks , innocent women and children and innocent and decent productive men without need of evidence shows the true colours that NCW is really against the Indian families. The RCR is only a civil law whcih does not imprison innocent.My question to NCW how many innocent women hae been imprisoned under the RCR law ?