Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bharati & sumanth are available as Helpline.

Bharati and Sumanth are Available from Wednesday the 9th November from this helpline 24 hours
91-92434-73934. But guys / Girls please call us after 8:30 P.M. and before 9:00 A.M.

Multi Lingual support on this helpline
Kannada , Marathi, Telegu , Oriya , Hindi and English

We are available to regale you with stories of
a. The False cases 498a and Dowry
b. Strategies to understand the intellectual architecture of the Reconciliators c. How to get the elders Helpline to recognise the Elder abuse.
d. Yah Yah , strategies , 498a miuse, Dowry misuse , gender Relation Misuse etc.

By the way this helpline is meant for you and me to feel better and improve our actions and essentially enjoy life as it exists .

So Call us when
  • 498a gets you down ,
  • When CAWC calls you ,
  • when Kiran Bedi sends you a love letter asking you to meet her else she will take some action or
  • Reconciliators want to enjoy some counselling sessions with you . We can open their question papers for you the way even your lawyers don;t do

Time you also enjoy the experience of 498a and have fun the way we are doing


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