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Feminist Responsible for female Foeticide ?

In post someone called India Kate gave some standard wordings on Female Foeticide and of course blaming the male Preference.
Sumanth has meanwhile squarely blamed the feminsts for foeticide

But let us go back and find out why the parents are preferring the male Child . There are two reasons one is scare and the other is responsibilities

Let us look at the scare portion first
Feminists have made a propaganda that women will have a tough life because

They are being raped The reality is that guy has 2 times chances of being accused of false rape then actual rapes According to Delhi Police which was published in The-week as small numerical statistics that 241 out of 358 rape cases are cases of elopement

They are being driven to suicide in marriages Reality is that the suicide rate for married men is 50% higher then unmarried Men while it remains same for women after marriage . So this Feminist hoax deserved to be called as such the link to this statistics is here

Crimes against women are making it unsafe for women. Reality 2-3 times more men are victims of violence then women . Also again we are not including crimes of false accusations which are very specific to these laws. And of course some them are crimes like adultery which should be equal in number but since only men are defined as criminals it dozen't;t show up as crimes against men .

They cannot take care of themselves hence they need alimony and lifestyle subsidy from either father or Brother or husband

That life is tough for women . Reality it is equally tough for men.

80% of women are abused by their husbands ( shabana Azmi ) said this . Reality god knows but I haven't observed unless criticising the girls parents, her dress sense etc is included then it is 100%

These scare tactics make parent not want to have girl child

Next Let us look at responsibilities

A boy is supposed and forced by law to take responsibilities of their parents .
Society also want the boy to take responsibility for the family
society and law does not expect the girl to take any responsibility
Who will not want to have responsible child

If you want the female foeticide to stop

Stop Alimony laws. In this country each women has the capability to meet their true potential . Also it will force the parents to invest in making a women independent rather then depending on some Male to provoked for her

Make the girl responsible by law for providing for the parents equally under Section CRPC section 125 i.e automatically all the children should be made respondent under CRPC 125

Also if you want to increase male foeticide

Please inform the parents the following
1. Your son is two times more likely to be accused of False rape then you daughter actually getting raped
2. Marrying your son carries 2% chance of your spending a few days in jail and it is increasing
3. Marrying your son can lead to your life savings sucked out to pay a blackmailing daughter in law and you will not have laws shield to protect you

Now if feminist stop the scare mongering then foeticide will stop

Why did we have high sex ratio of girls to boys in early 1900s and it is now coming down . It is correlated to feminists scare tactics and trying to absolve women of all responsibility. After all who wants to give birth to someone who will suffer and will not take responsibility . It is a natural reaction to scare mongering of feminists


Blogger remmaps said...

Natalee "Natalee Holloway" Holloway

Beth "Beth Twitty" Twitty

1:07 AM  
Blogger Jinesh Zaveri said...

You are right Bharati, We have to blame the feminist who give such a false and scary picture to have a female child.

They are the one who want to have free lunches and hence they were able to convince the Iron Lady Indira too with their crocodile tears.

(In lighter vain) Infact we would be less worried to have a female child if 498A prevails there would always be a scare in opposite lobby. ;)

They are like shiekchallies they have doomed their future with the false wolf cry. Alas at a cost of a generation.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was talking to a couple resently. Their daughter is earning more then their Son. They are very well of, clearly they have too much money to still keep giving their children
They take money from the Son.

The daughter they do not take out any money from her savings, she stays in a differen city, and all her expences the father pays. Sallary is untouched.

This I think is no exception to what most parents are doing. Is this correct to spoil the girl not teaching her any responsibility, is all responsibility in todays times for boys and all rights for girls.
The same analogy, even if the wife do not spend her money in marriage, and husband spends most of his earnings. The wife still files for torture, that husband is asking for dowry from his parents and her sallary..
My India is great.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree and if the son wants to give money to his old parent and duaghter in law refuses then there is problem becuase then the old parent can file for dwry laws and put them in jail .We went to Elders helpline but they refused to tell the daughter and in fact tried to tell us to take it as fate becuase todays women are independent

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is so easy to injure and defeat an unarmed man. Men are unarmed because they are still holding to the belief that women should be respected. Only because of this women are beginning to believe that they are going to win this battle. Little do they know that the day when men will shed this age-old belief of respecting women, that day women will realise that they can never be equal to man.
The day is not far away when men will become angry on the injustice. Women are in a very vulnerable condition even if the indian laws are with them. Never under-estimate the will-power of an angry man.

6:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most families who kill girls look at girls as unneccesary expense.

IMHO It has little or nothing to do with outside propaganda or
women being killed. Saddest part is that this sordid job is
usually done by mother of girl.
If mother is compelled to do it
for sake of her own life, it even worse.
Such men and families
must be flushed out and punished.

Best punishment is to
send them to IRAQ with antiquated 303.

Ek Teer tin shikar.
1) Get rid of such men
2) Reduce pile of useless 303
3) Get sympathy of GW Bush for fighting his cause

2:40 AM  
Blogger Bharati said...

Interestign when a women kills still men must be punished. I love the logic dear .
Propaganda that women should not take responsibility & unreal fear factor is a major cause for son prefernce.
They look at girls as unnecessay expense becuase they are not expected by law or society to take responsibility let them take responsibility and see the decrease in foeticide

12:12 AM  
Blogger Swarup said...

See the disnonest people along with media make all the story to kill the indian instituion of marriage , that is the reason this legal terrorism .

Feminist are adviceing to kill the female child by fooling the people.

Well said , let see waht feminist say ??

4:41 AM  

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