Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Beware - False 498a is injurious to health

A Times of India Article reported the sucide of a young girl after she was cross examined in a 498a case which she had filed. Many lawyers tell that the girls go into depression once cross examination happens and truth about the falsity of the case starts coming out. In case the case was true then the girls is elated. But otherwise once exposed she goes into a deep depression and sometimes commit sucide.

Antony a Law student ion Bangalore says that typically the girls go into 498a and dowry cases to extract a handsome settlement once they realise that temparamental differnces exists. However now more and more Husbands and families have decided to fight this legal terrorism have decided to start fighting the 498a cases instead of going for settlement and in many cases the girls are totally exposed as the character of priyanka chopra was in the movie "Aitraj" and not having the courage to face the consequences committed suicide realising that their game is up
While filing a false 498a case is easier then ordering idli sambhar but eating the consequences
is not so easy . So beware you do not like your husbands you have the option of section 9 or Divorce under section 13B but if you go about filing false 498a or dowry cases then it will come back and haunt you .


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