Wednesday, September 07, 2005

CSR misuse statistics too low ?
& counter view
According to CSR teh statistics of miuse are around 10% . while as in my earlier posts karnatak judiciary found muse to be a minimum of 45% . This was reported by Justice Saldhana in one of the judgement One of the two has to be closer to the studies . One of the statitics is by an organsation whose aim of the studies was to disabuse any notion that any misuse existing. that even thry could find such misuse is that it is glarignly obvious. the other is by a venerable institution whose interest is only in dispensing justice .

Another question how come non of the member of ashakiran , Sangybalya or Save india Family were contacted at all ? The statistical probabilty of that not happening is ver low and yet it happened. I am little surprised though it is not an impossibility that statistical sampling could have left them out entirely.

I contacted the CSR in August asking them to share their Sampling methodology and their Technique for defining use versus abuse and they did not reply . My Mistake I should have persisted more then leaving it at a few mails.

Given this background it is important to reanalyse the data in terms of sampling technique and classification technique to define use/ versus abuse. I am geared to up to Apply my Assertion Material Methodology of Analsys for this and eager to do so to find the eality amongst the multiple figures of misuse of the 498a.


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