Saturday, August 13, 2005

Random Ramblings of Senile "feminist"

Interestingly came a new rewriting of Ramyana by some senile women interested readers can go here
It is clear that there is no scholership and understanding of the story amongst feminists . Shurpanakha was a women who forced herself on men who were not interested in having any relationship with her. They were polite and told her no they were not interested. On learning this This lady attacked the wife of one of the manĀ“s wife to kill her. In the battle that ensured with Lakshmana Shurpankha faced injuries to her nose but was allowed to go alive In keeping with the principles of Self defense that no unnecesary force should be used if the foe runs away. If lakshmana had been vicious he could have easily kileld her.

Ravana should have examined the conduct of shurpanaka before thinking of trying to abduct another mans wife.

Whoever is the writer of this drama also tries to downplay the strengh of Rama and betrays a lack of understanding of ancient warfare. IT has been shown time and again that small band of desciplined warriors will win against large undesciplined armies. It happened when Alexander defeated Darius , when Babur Defeated Ibrahim Lodhi , When Baji rao Peshwa defeated Mughals in Battle of Bhopal, Balditya gupta defeated Mihirkula, English defeated French in Battle of Crecy and poiters.
There was no reason to doubt that Ram and his desciplined and well lead vanar sena could not have defeated Ravanas unwieldy army.
I pity the scholership of these feminists.

Interestingly to the disgusting character of modern day shuprankas. One need only to visit pariwarik surakhsa here or

Or make a visit to any family courts in India