Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Couldn't resist blogging on brain differences in brain between women and men

Mallika Sarabhai wants to censure free speach here
http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/100 5072.cms
While the counter wants research to continue
http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/articleshow/100 5080.cms

Well it the double speak of gender feminists. Gender Feminists are cloolaborating with theri patriarchy in spreading both misogyny and misandry.

They spread misogyny when they make claims that women need to be maintained by theri husbands and cannot take care of themselves. They are clearly collaborating with patriarchy here who believe that women is weak and cannot take care of herself

They spread misandry when they demand separate queues for women , separate trains for women and separate seat for women. They collaborate with patriarchy again when they say that men are so bad that they cannot be trusted to sit next to women in trains and buses .

They spread misandry by classifying every word as verbal, mental harassment . the colloborate with patriarchy again by treating them as feeble and weak who cannot even parry with words hell Summers actually is glorying these differences in favour of women. Infact he is saying that women are better at words and hence probably it is men who need protection from mental and verbal harassment rather then women .

Ancient Indian Philosophy
Men - Physicaly stronger
Women - Mentally stronger
Men - stronger in logic
Women- emotionally stronger.

These based on analysis of observations made by the sages.
and well sommers reseacrh shows why the ancient observations are true . As women nothing to be ashamed of if women are weak in some areas and strong in some area. Women can gloat about theri perfromance in classs twelth and men can gloat about their performance in IITs .

Mallika is scared now that she can't blame all the womens problem on the so called patriarchy with which she has been collaborating in spreading misandry as wella s misogyny


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