Thursday, January 13, 2005


January 13 2004

Not much happening but read karnataka States Online journal of lawbooks with special interests on what is happening on the family law front specially in Bangalore . I am an On off member of Sangyabalya . Helped close a case of harassed husband just yesterday. Luckily he contacted us otherwise the lawyers would not have told any strategies on how to kill the brewing storm earlier. There are a lot of tricks which can be done safegaurd your position in family court if you get a whiff of trouble earlier. If the man starts to react once the wife threatens a false dowry and harassment case then typically she has gone all the way to generate enough mischief. Trouble is most men don't detect the warning signal until it is too late. They tend to take spoken words for granted when women actually communicate a lot through facial expressions and body languages rather then through words. Very important for guys to understand because as one feminist lawyer told me that in family court the husband actually fights four adversaries his lawyer , her lawyer , wife and the justice system all of whom advocate against him . Every one will put the women's interests first rather the interest of equality or justice. So he has to be extremely diplomatic and political savvy to survive the family court Tsunami. This is the reason why no lawyer gives you right clues as to what is the best way to conduct during this time. Probably there is none and they are interested in giving justice to women and children and men can go to hell . Still all is not lost you have to understand the system , how it works and work the political advantage and the acting shown by all the parties. The basic principle behind this is the jujitsu way so that all force directed against you should be directed at the other party . So that you have to give reasons for the best interest of the wife.


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Feminist are suparnakhs and those support them are Ravans .

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